Wednesday, November 17, 2010

festival of the masters at disney..

blogging about something a bit different this week..  this past weekend my wonderful daughter and i had a mother/daughter day and spent the day at Downtown Disney for their Festival of the Masters... OMG.. what gorgeous art was displayed..  in booths as well as in chalkart all over Downtown Disney... i didn't take tooo many pictures... but here are a few things that intrigued me...  sorry about the truned ones...  for some reason blogger turned them... and i don't know how to fix that..

i loved this Mermaid... she was totally gorgeous... if i had the money she would have come home with me!..

and this chair was amazing.. the guy that did this had some of the most cool.. quirky things i've ever seen..

i loved the Flags... these were made out of all kinds of things... totally cool!..

the chalkdrawings were amazing!!... these were just a few of them...

and these were made out of legos!.. really cool...

maybe i'll do more pics in next blog post...


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

catching up is hard to do..

hello all..

it's been a while since i've posted... i've been very very busy.. my lovely sister came to visit for the last week so we've had a fantastic week of fun.. fun.. fun...  spent a couple of days at the Hard Rock hotel and casino in Hollywood, florida.. and had a blast..  and i didn't do to bad with the gambling either..  broke about even!!...  saturday we had a big family party to celebrate all the family's fall birthdays... yummy italian menu!!.. ate to much but was soooo worth it!!..  and we also did a day trip to Downtown Disney for some lunch and shopping lot's of fun... and lunch at our local seafood place Crabby Bill's where we could sit outside in the sun and have a few drinks with our lunch... but then came the bad news.. our wonderful Uncle Ernie passed away... :(   so mom and my sister took off this morning for NYC..  and i stayed home to keep an eye on dad...  RIP Uncle!!... i love you!!..

so... needless to say i haven't done much sewing.. quilting or even cross stitch... i did finish a couple of things before she got here... so i'll show those..

this is the mini quilt i did for the guild's challenge... we all picked a crayon out of a bag and had to use that colour with either white or black for the quilt... i like how this one came out... and .. i won best of show for the quilts that were submitted... ..

and i finished getting the borders on my Halloween quilt.. it came out pretty cute.. i'll have to remember to get it quilted sometime next year so i can use it for next Halloween..

and i got the borders on the let's twist fall table runner...

and put together another fall runner top done using the easy striped tablerunner pattern...  and a candle mat..

and i made this little case for my sister... it was supposed to be for her Nook.. but.. she had one... so she's using it to keep all kinds of stuff handy in her purse..

and the only cross stitch i've done is work more on the Winter Village for the shop model..

hmmm... i think that's it... now i just need to get some MOJO going.. and get busy on the rest of the stuff that i need to get done for the holidays..