Wednesday, April 28, 2010

gawd.. has it been a week already??

where the heck has the week gone??..  it just seemed to fly by.. and.. i honestly don't have much to show for it .. lol..  in fact.. what little progress i did do on my cross stitch is hardly noticeable so i'm not even gonna post pics of them.. hopefully next week they'll look like i did something..

quilting... i did work on my paper-pieced challenge..  those 24 little blocks are sure taking a lot longer to do than i had hoped but... i should be finishing those up today and  with some luck.. i'll get them on the quilt this weekend..  then.. onto round 4.. which is 2 colours..  i think i know what colours i want.. but i need to find a block for them..

the weather here in Orlando.. is getting so beautiful.. and by this weekend we are expected to get our first 90+ day of the year...   so.. looks like the pool may be warm enough to go in very soon.. :)   i admit to being a complete wuss when it comes to that.. if the water temp isn't at least 80... it ain't happening.. lol..

well best i get back to work if i plan on getting anything done today..


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

busy... busy... busy..

wow... seems like all i've been doing is running lately... so.. again no progress on the quilting front... hopefully things will settle down soon so i can actually get something done!..

i did get some work done on my mermaid...  i really really like this... they are beautiful.. and are coming along quite quickly..  i can't wait to get some beads on her and some of the kreiniks to get some glitter on her..  i'm hoping tomorrow to get to the cross stitch store to get the beads... 

i also did a little... note very little on the cirque des carreaux..  the colours in that one i love they remind me on an old fashioned tapestry..  very vibrant jewel tones..  gorgeous..

it's spring and i saw my first sand-crane babies of the year.. aren't they adorable!!..

well.. i think i'll try to head up to the sewing room and try to work a little on my Paper-pieced challenge quilt..  i'm so far behind on it.. :(

till next week..


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

teaparty fun..


well last nite at the guild we had a teaparty and did some redwork..  and.. it was a success!!.. yahoo!!... everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.. and some of them learned something new..  attendence is holding steady and we are getting some new members..  of course the next few months.. less people will be coming as quite a few of our ladies are snowbirds.. and they'll be flying north for the summer..

now for some progress... as i was one of the ladies in charge of the refreshments for the teaparty and i had to make the tracings for the redwork... i didn't get as much of my own stuff worked on as i would haveliked... but.. i did work some on my mermaid...

and on the cirque des carreaux.....

 and i made a very very easy table runner...  which i'll be teaching at our guild's May workshop..

and i finally took a picture of the snowman wallhanging that i did the machine blanketstitch applique on .. he's kinda cute...  and was kinda fun to do... and new to me..  this is first time that i've done that with my machine..


Monday, April 5, 2010

happy easter!!

ok.. so i'm a day late with that.. lol.. anyway.. i hope everyone had a fantastic Easter Holiday..  i had the family here for the day.. and it was great.. the weather was sunny and warm.. and  we all got to sit outside in the sun.. the guys played rummy and the girls.. sat in the sun and drank champagne..  we had a wonderful dinner and all enjoyed watching the Blind side... GREAT MOVIE!!... if you haven't seen it.. i'd recommend it...

now for some progress reports.. quilting wise.. well nothing to report on that front.. maybe next week..  i did however clean more in my sewing rooms... and taught 2 girls from the quild to paper piece.. and they did great!!.. they both caught on quick and like doing it!!..

cross stitching wise..  i've done quite a bit on my Mermaids of the deep blue..

started the cirque des carreaux..

and did some on the quaker Christmas...
looks like a busy week this week with taking cars in for repairs and lots of errand running.. but.. i hope to have some more progress to show you all next week..