Monday, May 31, 2010

wow... this month went fast!


can't believe this is the last day of may... tomorrow is the first day of hurricane season... i'm so hoping the weather people are wrong as they are precicting a very active hurricane season this year...

i did manage to get a few projects done..  i finished my best friends birthday pressie... (very late.. but i finished it..)...

and i also made her a Miranda bag... this was the first one i've made... and it wasn't as hard as i thought it would be... i will be making more... it's a nice big bag with lots of inside pockets.. 

i also got the backing and quilting done on the cherish nature table topper i made...

and.. started to put the border/frames around the posie blocks..  i'm still not sure of the setting i want to use with them.. but i do like them framed.. 

i did the little redwork heart for the guild.. as they voted to have them all turned in and raffled off as a presidents gift.. 

i started some of the beading on my mermaid..  she's so pretty... i didn't get as much done on her as i would have liked this week..  so.. i'll work harder on her next week..

time to cross stitch.. talk later..


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

i've been busy.. FINALLY!.. lol

wow... this month is just flying by..  i was doing so good with keeping up with this blog.. and i look and .. wtf..  the month is more than half over..  but.. i have been working..  i've done quite a bit on my mermaid.. and on the cirque des carreaux...   and... believe it or not... i've actually been sewing too!!... i know.. it shocked me too.. lol..

i've start working on some of the charity quilts for the guild..  at least got the tops together.. and i went to joannes and got some fabric to put the first borders on them...  i'm hoping to get those done in the next couple of weeks..

i also did another easy striped table runner top.. since i wanted to practice a bit before i taught a class on them for the guild for the may workshop... the girls did great!!.. and their runner were beautiful..  they each did one.. and i hope they bring them to the next guild meeting to show them off..

then... i got bored with the usual i took a charm pack i picked up.. cherish nature.. and make a table topper with that... that is one beautiful fabric line..

and... i finally started on a 4 patch posie quilt... i've been dying to try one for the last year or so.. so.. i finally cut one of the pretty asian fabrics i had... (i probably have enough to make at least 6 more of these.. lol)..

not gonna get much done this next week.. my dear sister flies in tomorrow for a lonnng weekend.. she'll be here till tuesday.. and we have a family birthday party on sunday.. so we'll be busy..

till next time..


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

nickilee is having a give-a-way..

my dear friend nicki is having a give-a-way to celebrate her 100th post on her blog and her 100th sale on her etsy site...

check out her blog...  for more details.. and for some lucious eye candy... she's a genious when it comes to dying laces...

and her etsy site..  ..  she has amazing stuff in here!!..


Monday, May 3, 2010

gudrun's world is having a give away..

to celebrate her newest book... fast and furious Holiday quilting as you go...  and the prize will be... a copy of the book...   hope i win.. :D

check out her blog... 

i LOVE.. LOVE.. her patterns.. they are always so quick and easy and the directions are excellent!!..


May???.. where did april go??

wow... it's may already.. wish i knew where the first 4 months of the year went.. this year seems to be whoooshing right by!!..

i didn't quite finish the round 3 on my pp challenge quilt .. i got all the blocks for the sides done.. (24 blocks) but.. not the corners yet.. i would like to say i'll get those done this week.. but.. i'm not sure i will.. i need to do a bunch of stuff for the guild before the meeting next monday and.. with mother's day this weekend.. i won't have time to do it then..

i worked a little on my mermaid picture.. but.. i've been told i have to slow down on that one since i'm so far ahead of the other girls in the group.. so.. basically worked on the hair on one of them.. and i put some sparkle on her... there's a real pretty blue kreinik going thru her hair..

and i did a lot on the cirque des carreaux..

and when i went for my walk this morning i discovered another pair of sand cranes have had babies... these little ones are much younger than the last ones i took pictures of... they are still all tiny and fuzzy...