Wednesday, March 23, 2011

my MOJO finally came home... wooo hooo!!


wow.. this has been a good week for working on projects ... FINALLY!!..  my MOJO has returned... thank gawd for that..

saturday the guild put together all of the blocks we did last year for the charity quilts.. i still have to put a few of the final borders on some.. and once that is done i'll post some pics of them... they came out really nice.. and i hope whoever we decide to give them too will love them as well...

i worked on a bunch of the blocks for the string swap.. i'm more than half way done with those... with luck i can get those just about finished this weekend.. (i'll probably leave all the "ocean" ones for last.. as i'm planning on making a bunch of extras..  i want my quilt to be quite a bit bigger)..

i put the borders on the 10 min block quilt too... i like it..  it was quick and easy..  i was gonna post a pic of it but... blogger wants to put it sideways... so maybe next time.. sorry.. lol

oh... now that amanda has recieved her mini from me... i can post a pic of the one i made for her and the one she made for me too... don't you just love that mini pineapple... i LOVE it.. thank you again amanda!!..

and i finially finished this crazy quilt Christmas stocking... it was fun to get to use a bunch of the decorative stitches on my machine..  i think it came out quite nice..

i went to visit a friend over in the Tampa area a couple of weekends ago and... went to Rainbow's End quilt shop in Dunedin... omg!!.. the selection and variety in this store is AMAZING!!..  they one room filled with nothing but holiday fabrics.. (all holidays)..  and spent a bunch in there... but i found 16 of the most lucious FQ's that i just had to have... (as well as some layer cakes and jelly rolls... and well lets just say i did a number on my credit card... lol)...  but.. i spent the last couple of days working on a quilt with those FQ's... and  ta da!!... I LOVE IT!!!...  the pattern is Mozaic.. and it's from the Material Girl Quilt Shop in Apopka, FL..    i have a feeling i'll be using this pattern a lot more as i can see it done in Batiks.. and Halloween and.. Christmas... and... well.. a whole lot of things... lol..

and i even worked on some cross stitch too... i'm almost done with the Winter in the Village one..  with luck i should have it done in the next month or so.. (provided i'm home long enough to work on it.. lol).. and i started my March ornament.. hopefully by the next blog post i can show you that...


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

not much but it's something..


well i don't have much to show but i do have a few things...  yay!!...  i did get my mini quilt for amanda all done and packaged and ready to wing it's way to north carolina tomorrow...  i really like it... i hope she does too... can't post a pic of it tho till i know she has it... so hopefully next week...  i'll post the one she made me next week too..

i also did a couple of sets of string blocks for a swap i'm in..  but again... until they are recieved.. no can post..

i tried a new block/technique... it's a 10 min block... well that's what they say... i have to admit.. it took me a bit longer than 10 min to do one... lol.. at least in the beginning.. by the last one tho... i was much better at it... i like it...  i think i'm gonna put some sashing and borders around it to make it a bit bigger...  i see me doing a few more of these.. they are a good stash buster... i used a layer cake on this one tho...

i finally got back to doing some cross stitching too... i really don't have much left to do on this winter in the village one..
 and i'm doing some cross stitch ornies... my goal is to try to do at least one a month...  so these are jan and feb... i love this little snoman guy... he's sooo cute... not sure what i'm doing for march yet... i'll have to get my ornie books out and see what strikes my fancy...

until next week..