Sunday, February 28, 2010

quaker christmas started.. updated pretty pumpkins

well this last week i've been working a lot on cross stitching... i've started a quaker christmas... and omg... i love working with the silks threads... they just glide thru the fabric..  i'm using moonglow.. and on the med/dk blue fabric... they look like snowflakes.. i think i'm gonna really jazz it up and use a ton of beads on it to really make those snowflakes shine... i have a bunch of beads left from the Deck the Halls cross stitch and patti did too and said i could have hers..  so with both of those and some pearl beads i have i think it'll be good.. i think i'll also mention it to cathy to ask some of the other ladies that did deck the halls if they have any left they don't want..

and i started working on pretty pumpkins again.. and i've done pretty good on it...

i'm dying to start on the mermaids.. lol.. but.. i think it'll probably be after the cruise before cathy will get me in the fabric i want...  ohh.. and we've set up a new blog for that... none of the other ladies could get back into the 5 ladies a quilting blog... so the new blog is...  Twisted Stitchers.. lmfao... i love it!..  if you check in there... you'll see all the pretty Mermaids we're gonna be doing..

on the quilting front.. i actually went up and did some sewing this weekend!!.. i know.. it shocked me too.. lol..  i finally got the papers off the LB christmas challenge quilt... and i've put a border around it.. and i'm now working on the braided border for it.. i've got 2 sides done.. i'm hoping to get the other 2 sides on it this week and .. if i can find one i like.. a black and gold final border..

i think i'm gonna go to the cross stitch store this week... and if i got any ribbons for my cross stich i entered in the Osceola fair... i'll be back to post about it..


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

patti's murky manor is done too!!

my friend patti.. who was doing the Murky Manor stitch-a-long with me.. has finished her picture too.. again.. she is missing one of the skulls too.. i wanted to show a picture of her finished piece... she used a very dark fabric and i love how the colours seem to just pop on hers..  it's beautiful!!..  so.. that's another finished piece for us..  we've decided not to do the Sleepy Hollow picture for a bit.. we are Halloweened out .. lol.. so we're gonna wait on that... however.. we did decide to do a Mirabilia Mermaid stitch-a-long with Nicki and Elaine..  only with this stitch-a-long.. we are all doing different Mermaids..  we'll post the progress on those in the 5 ladies a quilting blog... and of course i'll do my progress on here as well..  i've decided to do Mirabilias.. Mermaids of the deep blue... and i think i'm gonna do it on crossedwings collection hand painted linen in .. deep sea..  so look for that one to be started soon..  well... as soon as i can get the fabric.. lol..


Monday, February 22, 2010

Murky manor is done!!

wooo hooo... i finished my Murky manor cross stitch picture over the weekend... well.. just about.. for some reason.. the JABCO bead pack for it... only came with 5 skulls instead of 6.. and i didn't notice it till i went to sew them on... so.. cathy is going to get me the last skull... then all i need to do is put my name on it.. and the year..  feels good to have a finished project.. :)... next and last (for a while) Halloween pic will be Sleepy Hollow and i'll start that one on March 1..

not that it lasted long.. lol.. cathy called me on saturday to tell me the silk threads i ordered for the Quaker Christmas came in... she knew damn well.. i couldn't reist going out there on saturday to pick them up... so.. i've started that one...  theres really not enough done to even show you all yet.. so .. will get a pic up for you in the next couple of days.. ...  and the threads for the ink circles one.. came in too.. but.. i'm waiting on the fabric for that one.. so .. will be starting that soon too..

as for quilting projects... well.. i've been immersed with cross stitching lately.. lol.. so didn't get too far... i am still taking all the papers out of the Laurel Burch Christmas challenge quilt... omg.. i forgot how many pieces were in those stars... lmao..

my cruise is coming up soon... i soooo can't wait!!...  one of these days i really need to clean up the guest room for my sister... and.. start getting some clothes ready .. we are going to have a blast!!...


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

update time ..

hello all...

well.. i got my laptop back from the doctors... poor thing was sick... but she's working good now.. so.. i can show you how much i've done on my Murky Manor cross stitch.. i've done quite a bit.. and.. i have a new goal.. i want to have it finished before i go on my cruise March 13th.. think i can do it??..

i also did a store sample for my local cross stitch/needlework store.. Needlecraft World in Kissimmee.. this was fun to do.. and very quick... only took an evening.. it's a pillow sham for a little mini pillow.. it's called.. January Expressions .. by Pine Mountain designs.. cathie will put the pillow form in when she gets it back for the store..

and... i've been working on Tim's quilt for Christmas.. he requested earth tones/neutrals.. and brown... i used the Cappuccino Bali pop to make it... it's called Strip Stacks by G.E. Designs.. i just need to get the fabric for the borders and.. it's ready to go to Cathy for quilting..

and i pulled out a quilting UFO to work on too... i'm working on the Laurel Burch Challenge Christmas quilt that i'm doing with Patti, Nicki, Elaine and Christine.. we're to have it done by July 2010.. so.. best i finish it up.. i'm taking all the papers off from the previous round... then i'll put a small solid border around it.. and finish up with a braided border of all the fabrics used in it... Hopefully.. i'll have a picture or that for you next week..

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

no picture updates this week..

well.. as much as i would love to show you all the progress on my Murky Manor cross stitch and the quilt i'm working on for my nephew.. i can't... my poor little laptop caught a virus and is at the doctors for some work.. and this pc.. for some reason... just will not let me download my pictures from my camera... so.. you'll have to wait till next week.. i didn't really do a whole lot anyway.. i spent a few days over the weekend with my mom.. and went with the Stepping Stones guild to Rainbows End in Dunedin... OMG!!!.. what an amazing store.. room after room of gorgeous fabrics.. i had a very very hard time controlling myself in there.. lol.. but i did make some good purchases.. and i plan on going back!!.. it's not that long a trip.. only a few hours.. it was fun with the guild tho.. everyone.. taking bolts of fabric from the others.. those ladies are going to have some wonderful quilts... i can't wait to see what they all come up with..

last nite was my other guild's meeting.. Patchers of Time.. i somehow managed to get myself elected to be the Program chair : i'm still not sure how that happened.. lol.. we have a whole new slate of officers this year and we're gonna try to get the guild so it's doing more.. and more active... so far .. it's going good.. they seem to be interested in some of the new programs we're adapting.. and we should be able to make quite a few quilts for charity this year.. we're having an auction next month... and have decided to donate the money we get from that to charity as well this year.. from what i understand... they do quite well at this auction.. but.. i won't be there for that meeting.. that is when my sister comes down for a visit and we and mom.. are going on a wonderful cruise to the Eastern Carribbean.... omg.. i can't wait.. 7 days of sunshine and laughter.. :D

well.. i'll post again next week.. hopefully by then my laptop will be back from the doctors..


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

cross stitch updates..

well.. this blog is supposed to be so i can keep track of what i'm working on.. wip's .. ufo's and new stuff too.. so.. in keeping with that.. i'm going to try to post updates of things i'm doing.. i've been working a lot on my Murky manor cross stitch.. so.. here is what i've done on it this week..


it's coming right along.. and the more i do on it.. the more i want to do.. it's fun.. i had originally planned on completing this picture by Oct 1.. but.. i think i'll have it done much faster than that.. so i'm gonna shoot for the end of April.. then i want to do Sleepy Hallow (also a Glendon Place design).. and hopefully get that done by the end of the year.. i've done enough Halloween i think.. so next year.. we'll have to do something else..

i've also done a quick and easy cross stitch picture.. this is.. Eloquent Christmas.. and it's a ByGone Stitches design.. all the cross stitching is done on it.. i just need to "decorate" the tree.. the pattern has some beading on it.. but i want to fancy it up some.. with more beading and stuff.. so i need to go shopping for more decorations for it..