Wednesday, November 17, 2010

festival of the masters at disney..

blogging about something a bit different this week..  this past weekend my wonderful daughter and i had a mother/daughter day and spent the day at Downtown Disney for their Festival of the Masters... OMG.. what gorgeous art was displayed..  in booths as well as in chalkart all over Downtown Disney... i didn't take tooo many pictures... but here are a few things that intrigued me...  sorry about the truned ones...  for some reason blogger turned them... and i don't know how to fix that..

i loved this Mermaid... she was totally gorgeous... if i had the money she would have come home with me!..

and this chair was amazing.. the guy that did this had some of the most cool.. quirky things i've ever seen..

i loved the Flags... these were made out of all kinds of things... totally cool!..

the chalkdrawings were amazing!!... these were just a few of them...

and these were made out of legos!.. really cool...

maybe i'll do more pics in next blog post...


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

catching up is hard to do..

hello all..

it's been a while since i've posted... i've been very very busy.. my lovely sister came to visit for the last week so we've had a fantastic week of fun.. fun.. fun...  spent a couple of days at the Hard Rock hotel and casino in Hollywood, florida.. and had a blast..  and i didn't do to bad with the gambling either..  broke about even!!...  saturday we had a big family party to celebrate all the family's fall birthdays... yummy italian menu!!.. ate to much but was soooo worth it!!..  and we also did a day trip to Downtown Disney for some lunch and shopping lot's of fun... and lunch at our local seafood place Crabby Bill's where we could sit outside in the sun and have a few drinks with our lunch... but then came the bad news.. our wonderful Uncle Ernie passed away... :(   so mom and my sister took off this morning for NYC..  and i stayed home to keep an eye on dad...  RIP Uncle!!... i love you!!..

so... needless to say i haven't done much sewing.. quilting or even cross stitch... i did finish a couple of things before she got here... so i'll show those..

this is the mini quilt i did for the guild's challenge... we all picked a crayon out of a bag and had to use that colour with either white or black for the quilt... i like how this one came out... and .. i won best of show for the quilts that were submitted... ..

and i finished getting the borders on my Halloween quilt.. it came out pretty cute.. i'll have to remember to get it quilted sometime next year so i can use it for next Halloween..

and i got the borders on the let's twist fall table runner...

and put together another fall runner top done using the easy striped tablerunner pattern...  and a candle mat..

and i made this little case for my sister... it was supposed to be for her Nook.. but.. she had one... so she's using it to keep all kinds of stuff handy in her purse..

and the only cross stitch i've done is work more on the Winter Village for the shop model..

hmmm... i think that's it... now i just need to get some MOJO going.. and get busy on the rest of the stuff that i need to get done for the holidays..


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

i'm alive and well.. :D


well i made it thru my surgery just fine and that nasty gallbladder is gone!.. it's amazing how fast they can do this now...  i was scheduled for surgery at 7:30am... the dr was late and it was probably close to 8am when they did it... and i was home and in bed resting by 11:30am...  i'm doing great now..  just the process of finding out what foods are going to bother me... the dr said that will take 3-4 months to resolve... but i feel great!!..

i went on a shop hop the first week in october... 9 nine wonderful shops  and wow... great stuff... i probably spent to much but it sure was fun!.. and i discovered a couple of new shops to go to too..

i've been working on a Halloween quilt.. it's the Shadowbox pattern... it's just about done... just need to put the final border on it... and i didn't have enough of the fabric i was planning on using... so i'll have to take it with me to the LQS and find a different one...   hmmm... don't know why the picture in turned the wrong way.. it's correct on puter and i haven't a clue how to turn it here... sorry..

and.. i've been doing lots of cross stitching on the shop model for Needlecraft World...  i really like this pattern... it's called Winter in the village... it's a Stoney Creek pattern..  it's part of the Seasons in the Village series..  i think i'm about half done...  my goal is to be done with it before the end of the year..

that's about it for this week...


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

almost ready..

hello all..

well.. i'm almost ready for my surgery on thursday.. i was determined to get dad's quilt top done before i went... and wooo hooo... i finished it this morning... i love it... i'm gonna hate to give it up...

i also finished the christmas string quilt... yay!!...  so i'm actually a little ahead.. :)

what else... oh yes... i got the maching part of the binding down on the mini for the swap... and got the quilting done on the mini for the guilds challenge... tomorrow i'll get the machine part of the binding on that one... so i'll have both ready for the hand stitching while i'm recovering..

i also bought a new quilting book and ruler tool... which i of course just HAD to try out.. lol..   it's the LETS TWIST book and ruler..  this one is for the charm squares... (i'm going to have my LQS get me the one for the layer cakes too)..  it was fun to do... and i think it'll make a cute little quilt...

i've also started on a new cross stitch picture... this is going to be a model for Cathy's cross stitch store.. Needlecraft World in Kissimmee.. no pic yet as i've just started... hopefully soon..

wish me luck for my surgery on thursday..


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

lazy .. lazy... lazy.. that's me!

hello all..

wow.. have i been lazy lately... i just don't seem to have the energy to do much of anything...  but... i MUST get myself motivated to get some things done as.. i'll be having surgery next week to get my gallbladder out and i won't be able to go upstairs to the sewing studio for a bit.. so what i am trying to do is get things to the "handsew" stage..   as in.. getting the machine part of the binding on the mini quilts so all i'll have to do is the handsewing part..  and... get some cross stitch projects and redwork projects ready to work on..

i did get the blocks sewn together for dad's quilt and.. the christmas string quilt... just need to get busy on the borders now... i have to get dad's done in the next few weeks as my quilter has that one scheduled to be quilted the week of oct 18th!..

and... i did some more redwork... or i should say.. bluework.. lol..  i like him in blue.. i did a couple of other small redwork ones too...  eventually i'll be using the redwork ones to make a quilt i think... the blue one.. i'm definitely going to frame for a christmas gift..

and i worked on my mermaid..

what else... oh... i made a little cellphone case for my bff megan..


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

yikes..haven't been here in a while..


wow... it's been more than a month since i've been on here... sorry about that...  the mojo... is slowly returning... we went to Vegas for a few days a couple of weeks ago... and it took a bit to get it back after yet another fabulous vacation...  lol.... but... i think i'm pretty much done with vacations for the rest of the year... so.. i can get back to working on my projects and eating better and getting my diabetes under control and lowering those numbers!..

actually i did do a couple of things... but i can't show them on here yet... one is a mini quilt for the guild's challenge...  we did a crayon challenge...  and i pulled a blue/green crayon...  we were to use only our crayon colour any hue.. and either white or black..  i chose white..  we have to turn them in in october it'll be november before i post it...  i have the top done... just need to quilt and bind...

and.. i joined the mini quilt swap on the HGTV board... and got bluesnail for a partner.. for that one it was quilters choice... i have that top done too... just need to quilt and bind... i hope she likes it..   i can post that one after we exchange them..  but here's the sneak peek that i could post on the board..

i'm working on dad's quilt...  i love the colours!!... i hope he does too... all the blocks are done and trimmed and squared... next is sewing them together...

lets see...what else...hmmmm... oh.. i decided i have wayyyyy to many Christmas scraps so i'm putting together another Christmas string quilt..  i love doing these string blocks... it's just easy mindless sewing... i've got about half the blocks done for this quilt already.. (altho the box of the christmas scraps doesn't seem to be going down any!.. lol)... i think i'll be making a few more scrap quilts with these scraps...  i'll try to get a picture of the blocks for the next entry...

and... oh... my mermaid cross stitch..  i haven't done that much on her but.. i did get the fin on the one on the left... i'll need to work harder on her...

and i've started some redwork... i did this cute snowman over the weekend and i'm starting a few more.. not sure if i'm going to frame him... or use him in a quilt...

i'm also in a RR with the HGTV board.. we are doing a wall hanging... our center blocks could be no more than 9.5 inches.. and the 4 other girls that will be working on it... can add rounds of no more than 5.5 inches..  here's my center block..

and i'm starting to do some octogon table toppers... this one is using some of the Laurel Burch fabric i had left over from that LB christmas quilt i did..   i've also  got one cut out using some Orientals and some red/white Christmas Toile...  should be pretty..

i think that's it for now..


Thursday, July 22, 2010

still not much..

hey all..

my mojo is still MIA... but i have a few things to share this week... first is the EPP wreath that i taught at the guild meeting last week... it was fun to do.. and.. makes a cute little ornament...

then there is the string stocking i did... i taught this at the guilds workshop last saturday...   i had a very small class so had lots of time to spend with them doing this...  somehow things got messed up and they thought i wouldn't be there to teach... so only 2 of them actually brought stuff to work on the stocking...  i'll teach it again if others still want to do it... doing stocking is very easy..

and... my "Chickens?!" cross stitch... the cross stitch and backstitching is done... all that's left is for me to put my name and the year on it... and then sew down the tin stars...

i am working on a couple of UFO's that i have up in the studio... it's slow going and omg!.. they were started way back when (many many moons ago).. and i obviously didn't measure very well back then... so actually putting them together is challenging... lol..  and of course i don't have any more of those fabrics sooo... i'm winging it... lmao... should be interesting to see how it finally turns out..

and today is my BFF daniel's birthday... Happy Birthday sweetheart!!...  i wish you all the best that life can give you.. always and forever!...


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

where's my mojo???

hello all..

well i'm back from my NY trip.. it was the trip from hell..  traveling 2 days with ones parents is not a good idea!.. dad wasn't feeling well and.. for a while there we thought that it would be a 2 day trip up.. 2 days there and 2 days home.. (lots and lots of driving for me.. )..  but we did manage to stay the week... just cut it short 1 day.. and now that we are home... dad is doing much better... but.. i do believe that will be the last time they drive up there..

i have nothing to show this time..  with all the drama up there i didn't stitch on a thing.. and i caught a cold up there and have been sick with that for the last week.. so my mojo has vanished.. and i want it back!...

the only thing i've worked on is stuff for the guild that i HAD to have done for last nites meeting..  so i made a little EPP wreath.. so i could teach them all EPP (English Paper Piecing)..  and.. since i'm doing a class this weekend for the workshop... i made a Christmas stocking.. (i'll show those pics in the next blog entry as i havent uploaded my pics to the puter yet)..   it is Christmas in July this month...  looks like the class is going to be very small.. as quite a few of our members are gone this month..

i did do just a bit on the "Chickens?!" cross stitch.. the border is now done and .. i'm doing the backstitching on it... i'm hoping to be able to finish that one this week... then i can get back to concentrating on my mermaids..

my mojo is kaput!.. and i so need it back... so if any of you see it... send it back home... i miss it!..


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

hot hot hot today..

hey all...

another hot hot day in florida.. 96 with heat index of 104!..  thank gawd for AC and for the pool in the back..  i just got out .. as it looks like the afternoon thunderstorms are about to hit...

so what have i been up in the last few weeks... well... i managed to complete one of the charity quilt tops for the guild.. this is the buckeye beauty pattern... i really like it scrappy..  it came out pretty good.. considering i had a hell of a time with the blocks.. some of them weren't quite the right size.. and that made for some difficulties..

and... i made a bunch of wonder wallets and tissue holders for my best friend in canada.. they match the purse i made for her... and i thought she might like some to give to her mom's up there..

and the striped table runner that i taught the class for in may... i got the backing on ... and made a Halloween one..  with a matching candle mat..

and cross stitch... i've been very busy ... my mermaids of the deep blue are coming along beautifully.. i love the beading on this..  there are tons and tons of them... so she really shimmers...

i did some on my cirque des carreaux too..  

and i started a picture for my sister... it's... "Chickens?!".. by Prairie Moon... it's fun and very quick and easy stitching...

i hope to get a few things done in the next week.. as i'm going to NY to visit my sister at the end of the month for a week or so.. should be lots of fun... i haven't been "home" to NY in probably a good 15 years..  i know i will enjoy the family parties... and the cooler weather!..  i am bringing my laptop with me up there so... i might get a chance to blog a bit but it will be on all the FUN stuff we're doing..  and maybe just a little on whichever cross stitch i decide to bring with me...


Monday, May 31, 2010

wow... this month went fast!


can't believe this is the last day of may... tomorrow is the first day of hurricane season... i'm so hoping the weather people are wrong as they are precicting a very active hurricane season this year...

i did manage to get a few projects done..  i finished my best friends birthday pressie... (very late.. but i finished it..)...

and i also made her a Miranda bag... this was the first one i've made... and it wasn't as hard as i thought it would be... i will be making more... it's a nice big bag with lots of inside pockets.. 

i also got the backing and quilting done on the cherish nature table topper i made...

and.. started to put the border/frames around the posie blocks..  i'm still not sure of the setting i want to use with them.. but i do like them framed.. 

i did the little redwork heart for the guild.. as they voted to have them all turned in and raffled off as a presidents gift.. 

i started some of the beading on my mermaid..  she's so pretty... i didn't get as much done on her as i would have liked this week..  so.. i'll work harder on her next week..

time to cross stitch.. talk later..