Thursday, September 29, 2011

and some quilting too..


now for some of the quilting i've been doing this past few months...  to start with..  my "ocean" string quilt.. i LOVE it..  about half of the blocks are from a CYOC (choose your own colour) string swap i was in on the HGTV message board... my colours were "ocean" colour batiks.. in blues, greens, tourquoise and a bit of purple (you know.. the colours in the ocean!)... with a sand center strip..  it came out really well and i love the variety of all the colours in the blocks...

i also finished a "jelly roll" quilt.. but the jelly roll was one of my own making... at the NC-COF retreat in April i was lucky enough to win the "strip" poker game with the batiks... i did have to add some of my own strips to get enough of a variety in the strips but i love how it came out... this one is called Pandoras Box.. and i have tons and tons of strips left so... i'll be making more "jelly roll" quilts using these strips...

and.. i made another of the Mosaic Quilts.. (i think this is #5)..  this one uses all Halloween fabrics and will be for my daughter... who just loves Halloween...

i'm currently working on some blocks for the F8 block swap i'm hosting for the HGTV board.. and... i've started another jelly roll quilt using the Madiera jelly roll that has been in my stash for about the last 5 years or so..

oh... i did another jelly roll quilt too... it's called a jelly roll race.. it was really fun and easy to do... i still need to put the final border on it... hopefully i'll have a picture of it for the next posting..  i think i'm going to host a jelly roll race for the guild in the spring... it should be lots of fun for everyone.. :)

and.. also needing borders is a DP9 that i did.. using a package of  charms that's been in my stash a while.. i hope to get that one done soon too..

i also did a bunch of borders for the charity quilts for the quild...  they came out pretty good.. considering the trouble we had putting some of them together..  (there are quite a few newbies in the guild and.. they have yet to master the art of.. getting blocks to the correct size... we are working on that tho)...

until next time...


Monday, September 26, 2011

long time no see..


wow.. it's been a very hectic summer.. and it went by extremely fast..  it doesn't seem possible i've not blogged in such a long time..

i have been busy doing things tho.. and this post will be about the cross stitch i've been doing and the next will be about the quilts...

i've been working hard on my mermaid picture... it's basically done except for some beading.. and a little backstitching around the mermaid to the right..   and once again blogger has tipped the picture... how annoying!

and done lots on cirque des carreaux..  i actually surprized myself when i took it off the frame as to how much i've done on it... it's looking good..  and again it's tipped... grrrrr..

i've done a bit on pretty pumpkins..  i love the picture... but it's a shame that i don't like orange.. lol.. it makes it hard to work on it..  it'll get done ... eventually.. but i would imagine it'll be a long time... lol..

and... i finally finished off the christmas flip it and the halloween flipit (and again it's tipped.. ugh)..  i just had a small bit to do on each of them and have been putting it off for ages.. but they are done now and ready for framing..

the bad thing about finishing things off is... it makes me want to start something new... lol...  and i'm trying to decide on which new one i want to start... eggs alla round... or.. come sit a spell.. both are glendon place patterns..  but... i suppose i should TRY to wait till i've at least finished the mermaids...

blogger is being tempermental today... tipping pictures and won't even let me put the pic of pretty pumpkins in...  oh well.. i'll try that again later..

i'll post about the quilting i've done very soon..


Monday, July 11, 2011

wow.. july already???!!

hello.. :D

hard to believe it's july already... doesn't seem like it's been over 6 weeks since i last updated this thing... shame on me!...  it's been a busy 6 weeks tho..  i did get my "irish" quilt done and bound and brought it up to NY with me for Patti O... she LOVED it.. and i'm so glad!!..  sorry for the tipped photo.. i don't understand why blogger does that.. and i don't know how to fix it either.. :|  .. sorry..

what else have i done???... oh yeah.. i made another Mosaic quilt top.. this one i did with my friend and long arm quilter Cathie.. we both picked out about 6 fabrics that were the same and then went thru our stash and shopped for the remaining 10..  i love how mine came out... i haven't seen Cath's yet.. i'll be bringing mine down for us to reveal to each other at the end of the month... i'm curious to see how different they are..

and .. i've been working on making more "ocean" string blocks for my ocean quilt.. i'm still missing 6 blocks from 2 missing swappers.. but hopefully they will show up soon.. so far i've made an additional 24 blocks..  not sure yet how big i want this thing.. but i'm loving how colourful it is..  this is before my additional 24 blocks..

for the next couple of days i'm going to be working on guild stuff.. i have some quilt tops here that need additional borders put on.. and i need to figure out what blocks i have to make another charity quilt..


Friday, May 20, 2011

time to take a breath..


wow.. the last month or so i've been going full tilt!!..  first an awesome cruise with my sister and mom.. then some family time.. then a fantastic retreat with about 80 wonderful ladies from the HGTV message board in charlotte north carolina..  and bring 2 of my favortite ladies home with me for some R&R here in sunny florida..  it's been a whirlwind ... but i've loved every min of it!!.

of course something had to suffer.. and it did... lol.. both my waistline and my mojo took a beating!.. i haven't really gotten too much done since i've been back.. except making another of the Mozaic quilts.. this one in "Irish" fabrics for my sister in law..  we just found out she's ill and i wanted to do something special to help her thru...  of couse i don't have many "irish fabrics".. in fact i don't think i had one... lol.. so i put a request out on the HGTV message board offering to trade one of my fq's for an irish one..  and OMG did they come thru.. within days my mailbox was overflowing with "Irish" fabbies... and not one of these wonderful ladies would take any in return... the love and generosity of quilters is amazing!!..  within days of recieving these fabbies..  i had the top done...  and i love it!!... it's now at my quilters.. for her to do her longarm magic on it.. and i just talked to her today and she's done... she's quilted green shamrocks all over it.. i can't wait to see it!!...  mom will pick it up and bring it to me on sunday... and i'll get the binding and label on it and it will be ready to go with us up to NY on june 11.. to give to Patti O...   i think she'll love it!..

here it is... before quilting... i'll take another after i get it back and bound for a future post..


Sunday, April 3, 2011

and the MOJO continues... yay!!


well my mojo has been continuing... thank gawd!!... i actually feel like i've accomplished something lately!!.. :)...  first .. i did another of the Mozaic quilts.. this time in Batiks... omg.. it's gorgeous... looks just like stained glass!..   i'll probably do some more with batiks eventually... next is the Christmas one... and i'm planning on doing one with my quilter Cathie..  we both picked the same focus fabric and about 5  fabrics that are the same... the other 10 fabrics we'll choose are our own...  we're hoping to have a play date sometime in May to do this...

then... i finished all the blocks for the string swap...  all the "ocean" ones are in one pic and all the rest in the other..  mine will be an "ocean" one... i can't wait for all the blocks to come in so i can see how many more i'll need to make this quilt...

and... i FINALLY decided on my project for my paper piece class at the retreat... we are going to be making this tool caddy with the pretty paper pieced star in the center..  i think it came out pretty good..  i hope the ladies enjoy it..
that's it for now..  my sister flies in tomorrow and our cruise starts on saturday... i can't wait!!..  we are going to have soooo much fun!!...


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

my MOJO finally came home... wooo hooo!!


wow.. this has been a good week for working on projects ... FINALLY!!..  my MOJO has returned... thank gawd for that..

saturday the guild put together all of the blocks we did last year for the charity quilts.. i still have to put a few of the final borders on some.. and once that is done i'll post some pics of them... they came out really nice.. and i hope whoever we decide to give them too will love them as well...

i worked on a bunch of the blocks for the string swap.. i'm more than half way done with those... with luck i can get those just about finished this weekend.. (i'll probably leave all the "ocean" ones for last.. as i'm planning on making a bunch of extras..  i want my quilt to be quite a bit bigger)..

i put the borders on the 10 min block quilt too... i like it..  it was quick and easy..  i was gonna post a pic of it but... blogger wants to put it sideways... so maybe next time.. sorry.. lol

oh... now that amanda has recieved her mini from me... i can post a pic of the one i made for her and the one she made for me too... don't you just love that mini pineapple... i LOVE it.. thank you again amanda!!..

and i finially finished this crazy quilt Christmas stocking... it was fun to get to use a bunch of the decorative stitches on my machine..  i think it came out quite nice..

i went to visit a friend over in the Tampa area a couple of weekends ago and... went to Rainbow's End quilt shop in Dunedin... omg!!.. the selection and variety in this store is AMAZING!!..  they one room filled with nothing but holiday fabrics.. (all holidays)..  and spent a bunch in there... but i found 16 of the most lucious FQ's that i just had to have... (as well as some layer cakes and jelly rolls... and well lets just say i did a number on my credit card... lol)...  but.. i spent the last couple of days working on a quilt with those FQ's... and  ta da!!... I LOVE IT!!!...  the pattern is Mozaic.. and it's from the Material Girl Quilt Shop in Apopka, FL..    i have a feeling i'll be using this pattern a lot more as i can see it done in Batiks.. and Halloween and.. Christmas... and... well.. a whole lot of things... lol..

and i even worked on some cross stitch too... i'm almost done with the Winter in the Village one..  with luck i should have it done in the next month or so.. (provided i'm home long enough to work on it.. lol).. and i started my March ornament.. hopefully by the next blog post i can show you that...


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

not much but it's something..


well i don't have much to show but i do have a few things...  yay!!...  i did get my mini quilt for amanda all done and packaged and ready to wing it's way to north carolina tomorrow...  i really like it... i hope she does too... can't post a pic of it tho till i know she has it... so hopefully next week...  i'll post the one she made me next week too..

i also did a couple of sets of string blocks for a swap i'm in..  but again... until they are recieved.. no can post..

i tried a new block/technique... it's a 10 min block... well that's what they say... i have to admit.. it took me a bit longer than 10 min to do one... lol.. at least in the beginning.. by the last one tho... i was much better at it... i like it...  i think i'm gonna put some sashing and borders around it to make it a bit bigger...  i see me doing a few more of these.. they are a good stash buster... i used a layer cake on this one tho...

i finally got back to doing some cross stitching too... i really don't have much left to do on this winter in the village one..
 and i'm doing some cross stitch ornies... my goal is to try to do at least one a month...  so these are jan and feb... i love this little snoman guy... he's sooo cute... not sure what i'm doing for march yet... i'll have to get my ornie books out and see what strikes my fancy...

until next week..


Monday, February 21, 2011

wow.. a new year and nothing yet..


can't believe it's been 3 months since i lasted posted on this thing...  i have been one busy busy lady... but unfortuneately...  i really don't have anything to show for it... :| 

i've had a LOT of company these last few months... and i've totally enjoyed it... as i get to go and do lots of things with them that i usually don't do to often by myself.... like.. trips to disney's animal kingdom and magic kingdom... seaworld.. river boat rides... dinners at medieval times...  all kinds of fun stuff!!... but... my sewing stuff tends to suffer... i'm so far behind on things... it's gonna take a while to catch up...

then my wonderful hubby took a spill and suffered a subdural hemotoma.. so a weekend was spent in the hospital with that.. and we are still dealing with some of the aftereffects...  but he's doing well and recovering nicely... praying the dr appt this week will allow him to drive again!!..

i did finally finish up the of the RR blocks over this past weekend... so that will be winging it's way to Quilaholic tomorrow..  i can't wait to see them all at the retreat in april...  and i'm almost finished with my mini quilt for Holee's mini swap...

i'm slowly getting back into cross stitching too... altho i have nothing to show that looks like i've done anything since november... :|  .. i'll try to have something that will show progress next week..

i'm going to try to get back into the blogging habit of at least every week or 2... and well try to have some pictures to post next week... seems like everything i have gotten done.. was for a swap and can't be posted till i know it's been recieved ...

until next time..