Tuesday, June 23, 2009

wow.. time flies!

omg... i can't believe that its been that long since i've last put anything on here.. shame on me!... yeah.. i've been busy.. but that's not a good excuse..

at the end of april.. i went on a retreat with the HGTV board crew... omg.. what a blast.. there were more than 70 lovely ladies that attended.. and i learned a lot from them!!.. may is a big birthday month around here.. and lots of family parties... and june.. well.. june was just plain busy and expensive.. car problems with 2 of the 3 cars and.. then a very sick dog on top of that.. i'm sooo hoping july will be much less stressful..

all in all.. i didn't get much done these last few months.. especially sewing/quilting... i did manage to work on my cross stitch some.. and i've started working on some placemats for my best friend and her mom's.. i'm using native fabric on those as she's native american.. as this puter won't let me put pictures on it... i'll have to wait till i'm on the laptop to show you all pics of what i'm doing..

last nite.. i attended a class at the local cross stitch shop.. to learn Haranger.. i'm determined to expand my knowledge of stitches and learning that was on my list of things to do this year.. so far.. i like it.. but we haven't cut anything yet... that's where i get really nervous.. lol.. that's for next weeks class..

what else have i been working on.... oh yes... i'm in a mini swap.. and i got Kentucky-sunshine for a partner... she lives in Australia... (one of my most favorite places)... she wanted something with cranberry and buttery yellow.. and it has to be... summery... i hope she likes what i've done.. i've got the top done.. and i've bought the backing so.. that's the job for this week.. quilting and getting the binding and label on and getting that mailed asap...

i'm also in a one block cq block swap.. and she want's a vintage block.. with browns and creams.. i'm not sure i really understand what she means by vintage.. but i'll do my best... i have that about half pieced.. then comes the fun part... the embellishing...

hope to get back her soon to post some pictures..


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