Tuesday, March 30, 2010

back from vacation.. *sigh*

*sigh*... i'm back from the cruise... it was absolutely wonderful!!... 7 days of sunshine.. fun and laughter.. i so love our annual ladies only cruise.. with mom and my sister..  this time we did the eastern carribbean..  and went to samana (dominican republic).. st. thomas and tortola... beautiful.. beautiful islands!!..  i can't wait for next year's cruise..

but.. needless to say with my sister here and the cruise.. i didn't do much on my projects... so... no pics for you this week...

quilting-wise... i did do the machine blanket stitch on my snowman wallhanging.. and.. i've started doing a bunch of tracings for the redwork that the guild is going to do at the next meeting..  and tomorrow i have karen and lulu (from the guild) coming over in the morning so i can teach them how to paper-piece.. should be fun...

i picked up the linen i needed to start my mermaids of the deep blue.. and i've started that.. it's going to be very pretty on that linen... and i got the linen to start the cirque des carreaux..  i just had to see how the nefertiti looked on that taupe... so did a couple of stitches to start that one too..  other than that.. i've done a little more on the quaker christmas..  i'll have pics of all the cross stitch for you next week..  i hope by then it will at least look like i've done something..

i'm hosting Easter here this year.. and will have a houseful.. so most of the remainder of the week will be cleaning and shopping and getting ready for that..  i love to entertain and cook... i just hate the prep and cleaning.. lol.

till next week..


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