Tuesday, October 19, 2010

i'm alive and well.. :D


well i made it thru my surgery just fine and that nasty gallbladder is gone!.. it's amazing how fast they can do this now...  i was scheduled for surgery at 7:30am... the dr was late and it was probably close to 8am when they did it... and i was home and in bed resting by 11:30am...  i'm doing great now..  just the process of finding out what foods are going to bother me... the dr said that will take 3-4 months to resolve... but i feel great!!..

i went on a shop hop the first week in october... 9 nine wonderful shops  and wow... great stuff... i probably spent to much but it sure was fun!.. and i discovered a couple of new shops to go to too..

i've been working on a Halloween quilt.. it's the Shadowbox pattern... it's just about done... just need to put the final border on it... and i didn't have enough of the fabric i was planning on using... so i'll have to take it with me to the LQS and find a different one...   hmmm... don't know why the picture in turned the wrong way.. it's correct on puter and i haven't a clue how to turn it here... sorry..

and.. i've been doing lots of cross stitching on the shop model for Needlecraft World...  i really like this pattern... it's called Winter in the village... it's a Stoney Creek pattern..  it's part of the Seasons in the Village series..  i think i'm about half done...  my goal is to be done with it before the end of the year..

that's about it for this week...


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