Monday, February 21, 2011

wow.. a new year and nothing yet..


can't believe it's been 3 months since i lasted posted on this thing...  i have been one busy busy lady... but unfortuneately...  i really don't have anything to show for it... :| 

i've had a LOT of company these last few months... and i've totally enjoyed it... as i get to go and do lots of things with them that i usually don't do to often by myself.... like.. trips to disney's animal kingdom and magic kingdom... seaworld.. river boat rides... dinners at medieval times...  all kinds of fun stuff!!... but... my sewing stuff tends to suffer... i'm so far behind on things... it's gonna take a while to catch up...

then my wonderful hubby took a spill and suffered a subdural hemotoma.. so a weekend was spent in the hospital with that.. and we are still dealing with some of the aftereffects...  but he's doing well and recovering nicely... praying the dr appt this week will allow him to drive again!!..

i did finally finish up the of the RR blocks over this past weekend... so that will be winging it's way to Quilaholic tomorrow..  i can't wait to see them all at the retreat in april...  and i'm almost finished with my mini quilt for Holee's mini swap...

i'm slowly getting back into cross stitching too... altho i have nothing to show that looks like i've done anything since november... :|  .. i'll try to have something that will show progress next week..

i'm going to try to get back into the blogging habit of at least every week or 2... and well try to have some pictures to post next week... seems like everything i have gotten done.. was for a swap and can't be posted till i know it's been recieved ...

until next time..


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