Tuesday, July 13, 2010

where's my mojo???

hello all..

well i'm back from my NY trip.. it was the trip from hell..  traveling 2 days with ones parents is not a good idea!.. dad wasn't feeling well and.. for a while there we thought that it would be a 2 day trip up.. 2 days there and 2 days home.. (lots and lots of driving for me.. )..  but we did manage to stay the week... just cut it short 1 day.. and now that we are home... dad is doing much better... but.. i do believe that will be the last time they drive up there..

i have nothing to show this time..  with all the drama up there i didn't stitch on a thing.. and i caught a cold up there and have been sick with that for the last week.. so my mojo has vanished.. and i want it back!...

the only thing i've worked on is stuff for the guild that i HAD to have done for last nites meeting..  so i made a little EPP wreath.. so i could teach them all EPP (English Paper Piecing)..  and.. since i'm doing a class this weekend for the workshop... i made a Christmas stocking.. (i'll show those pics in the next blog entry as i havent uploaded my pics to the puter yet)..   it is Christmas in July this month...  looks like the class is going to be very small.. as quite a few of our members are gone this month..

i did do just a bit on the "Chickens?!" cross stitch.. the border is now done and .. i'm doing the backstitching on it... i'm hoping to be able to finish that one this week... then i can get back to concentrating on my mermaids..

my mojo is kaput!.. and i so need it back... so if any of you see it... send it back home... i miss it!..


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  1. Shey, I do believe that your mojo and my mojo ran away with each other and are partying up a storm some where in Maui. I lost mine about a month ago and just can't seem to get motivated! I have so many things I know I need to be working on and doing and just seem to stare off in space. Would you do me a favor and let me know when yours arrive back home so I can expect mine to return too!