Wednesday, September 22, 2010

lazy .. lazy... lazy.. that's me!

hello all..

wow.. have i been lazy lately... i just don't seem to have the energy to do much of anything...  but... i MUST get myself motivated to get some things done as.. i'll be having surgery next week to get my gallbladder out and i won't be able to go upstairs to the sewing studio for a bit.. so what i am trying to do is get things to the "handsew" stage..   as in.. getting the machine part of the binding on the mini quilts so all i'll have to do is the handsewing part..  and... get some cross stitch projects and redwork projects ready to work on..

i did get the blocks sewn together for dad's quilt and.. the christmas string quilt... just need to get busy on the borders now... i have to get dad's done in the next few weeks as my quilter has that one scheduled to be quilted the week of oct 18th!..

and... i did some more redwork... or i should say.. bluework.. lol..  i like him in blue.. i did a couple of other small redwork ones too...  eventually i'll be using the redwork ones to make a quilt i think... the blue one.. i'm definitely going to frame for a christmas gift..

and i worked on my mermaid..

what else... oh... i made a little cellphone case for my bff megan..


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