Tuesday, August 24, 2010

yikes..haven't been here in a while..


wow... it's been more than a month since i've been on here... sorry about that...  the mojo... is slowly returning... we went to Vegas for a few days a couple of weeks ago... and it took a bit to get it back after yet another fabulous vacation...  lol.... but... i think i'm pretty much done with vacations for the rest of the year... so.. i can get back to working on my projects and eating better and getting my diabetes under control and lowering those numbers!..

actually i did do a couple of things... but i can't show them on here yet... one is a mini quilt for the guild's challenge...  we did a crayon challenge...  and i pulled a blue/green crayon...  we were to use only our crayon colour any hue.. and either white or black..  i chose white..  we have to turn them in in october ..so it'll be november before i post it...  i have the top done... just need to quilt and bind...

and.. i joined the mini quilt swap on the HGTV board... and got bluesnail for a partner.. for that one it was quilters choice... i have that top done too... just need to quilt and bind... i hope she likes it..   i can post that one after we exchange them..  but here's the sneak peek that i could post on the board..

i'm working on dad's quilt...  i love the colours!!... i hope he does too... all the blocks are done and trimmed and squared... next is sewing them together...

lets see...what else...hmmmm... oh.. i decided i have wayyyyy to many Christmas scraps so i'm putting together another Christmas string quilt..  i love doing these string blocks... it's just easy mindless sewing... i've got about half the blocks done for this quilt already.. (altho the box of the christmas scraps doesn't seem to be going down any!.. lol)... i think i'll be making a few more scrap quilts with these scraps...  i'll try to get a picture of the blocks for the next entry...

and... oh... my mermaid cross stitch..  i haven't done that much on her but.. i did get the fin on the one on the left... i'll need to work harder on her...

and i've started some redwork... i did this cute snowman over the weekend and i'm starting a few more.. not sure if i'm going to frame him... or use him in a quilt...

i'm also in a RR with the HGTV board.. we are doing a wall hanging... our center blocks could be no more than 9.5 inches.. and the 4 other girls that will be working on it... can add rounds of no more than 5.5 inches..  here's my center block..

and i'm starting to do some octogon table toppers... this one is using some of the Laurel Burch fabric i had left over from that LB christmas quilt i did..   i've also  got one cut out using some Orientals and some red/white Christmas Toile...  should be pretty..

i think that's it for now..


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  1. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I learned how to add buttons by watching the videos at http://magicwithblogs.blogspot.com/ if I can help talk you thru anything let me know! :-) PS Love the projects you are working on! :-)