Friday, May 20, 2011

time to take a breath..


wow.. the last month or so i've been going full tilt!!..  first an awesome cruise with my sister and mom.. then some family time.. then a fantastic retreat with about 80 wonderful ladies from the HGTV message board in charlotte north carolina..  and bring 2 of my favortite ladies home with me for some R&R here in sunny florida..  it's been a whirlwind ... but i've loved every min of it!!.

of course something had to suffer.. and it did... lol.. both my waistline and my mojo took a beating!.. i haven't really gotten too much done since i've been back.. except making another of the Mozaic quilts.. this one in "Irish" fabrics for my sister in law..  we just found out she's ill and i wanted to do something special to help her thru...  of couse i don't have many "irish fabrics".. in fact i don't think i had one... lol.. so i put a request out on the HGTV message board offering to trade one of my fq's for an irish one..  and OMG did they come thru.. within days my mailbox was overflowing with "Irish" fabbies... and not one of these wonderful ladies would take any in return... the love and generosity of quilters is amazing!!..  within days of recieving these fabbies..  i had the top done...  and i love it!!... it's now at my quilters.. for her to do her longarm magic on it.. and i just talked to her today and she's done... she's quilted green shamrocks all over it.. i can't wait to see it!!...  mom will pick it up and bring it to me on sunday... and i'll get the binding and label on it and it will be ready to go with us up to NY on june 11.. to give to Patti O...   i think she'll love it!..

here it is... before quilting... i'll take another after i get it back and bound for a future post..



  1. That's such a beautiful quilt and neat pattern. I'm going to have to look it up!

  2. Your SIL in going to love it! I'll get the label out to you this week! Miss you and THANKS again for such a wonderful time- I can't wait to come back.