Monday, July 11, 2011

wow.. july already???!!

hello.. :D

hard to believe it's july already... doesn't seem like it's been over 6 weeks since i last updated this thing... shame on me!...  it's been a busy 6 weeks tho..  i did get my "irish" quilt done and bound and brought it up to NY with me for Patti O... she LOVED it.. and i'm so glad!!..  sorry for the tipped photo.. i don't understand why blogger does that.. and i don't know how to fix it either.. :|  .. sorry..

what else have i done???... oh yeah.. i made another Mosaic quilt top.. this one i did with my friend and long arm quilter Cathie.. we both picked out about 6 fabrics that were the same and then went thru our stash and shopped for the remaining 10..  i love how mine came out... i haven't seen Cath's yet.. i'll be bringing mine down for us to reveal to each other at the end of the month... i'm curious to see how different they are..

and .. i've been working on making more "ocean" string blocks for my ocean quilt.. i'm still missing 6 blocks from 2 missing swappers.. but hopefully they will show up soon.. so far i've made an additional 24 blocks..  not sure yet how big i want this thing.. but i'm loving how colourful it is..  this is before my additional 24 blocks..

for the next couple of days i'm going to be working on guild stuff.. i have some quilt tops here that need additional borders put on.. and i need to figure out what blocks i have to make another charity quilt..



  1. Hi Shey.
    Would i possible to get an email address for you please? You can contact me at
    Thanks so much.

  2. that quilt is stunning. I love how the colours look together.