Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pineapple Jelly quilt top done!!


things seem to be going along pretty good... for the most part i've been continuing to get my walk in most days.. and working on my quilting... i STILL haven't gotten my MOJO back for my cross stitch tho....:(..

i've finished my pineapple jelly quilt.. and i LOVE it!!... i love working with batiks!..

and i've been working a bit on my swoon quilt... that's my #5 UFO  for the month of July... i started with 3 blocks done.. and i've done 3 more since then and only 3 left to go.. hopefully i'll be able to at least get all the blocks done for this one.. and if lucky.. maybe the center of the top done.. i'm using a fq set that was given to me for these... so i'll have to probably buy some border fabric to go with it to finish up the top...

the other thing i've been concentrating on... is my I Believe in Snowmen quilt.. it's a Bunny Hill pattern and it's just soooo cute... i'm doing it as a stitch-a-long with the HGTV girls.. and i'm totally shocking myself with keeping up with the monthly requirements.. lol... it's a lot of embroidery as well as quilt blocks... it's been fun to watch everyone progress and colour schemes.. the original is a red-work one... mine will be in gold.. black and cream...

i've been trying to walk every day .. except weekends.. and doing ok with that.. i couldn't walk on monday cause we had a new mattress set delivered in the morning...  and with the heat and humidity down here.. if i don't get out and walking first thing in the morning... i don't go out!! .. i try to do a 3 mile walk most days... however since i didn't walk monday... i did 4 yesterday..  and it wasn't too bad.. so i may try to up it to 4 miles every day..  i must admit... my blood sugar has been great since walking... a steady 98 most days..  and my clothes are starting to fit a bit better... (can't wait for the day i can say .. they are getting big on me.. lol)..

oh well.. time to get busy on other things...

happy stitching..


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