Thursday, July 3, 2014

wow.. i've been gone a LOOONG time!


i can't believe i haven't posted a damn thing in more than a year... yeah.. it's been a busy year but sheesh... you'd think i'd have found a little time for this sometime in a year..

i've been in a lull.. creatively lately... haven't felt much like cross stitching ... or quilting...  i've been looking for my mojo.. and it's been very elusive!...  a little (and i do mean little) bit of quilting mojo is trying to come back... but the cross stitch one is still in hiding.. i don't think i've put a stitch in anything in a month!!..

i'm currently working on a pineapple quilt in some beautiful batiks... i just need to add the final 2 borders to it and it'll be done!... and i'll hopefully have a picture of that soon.. (if i can figure out how to get them on here again.. )..

i'm challenging myself to work on some ufo's for the last 6 months of the year.. in both quilting and cross stitch..  we'll see how that works for me...  a bunch of the girls in my stitch group are doing the cross stitch challenge with me... and i have a couple in the quilt guild doing the quilt challenge...  we list 6 UFO projects and my daughter picks a # and then we work on the one with the corresponding #.. for that month..

my cross stitch ufo's for this 6 months are..

1.. snowflake serenade
2.. a quaker Christmas
3.. Gratitude.. (aka.. the blood sheep!)
4.. sheep virtues
5.. hearts and holly
6.. flowers of rosehall..

and my quilting ufo's are..

1.. Christmas wall-hanging (guild project from july 2013)
2.. butterfly sampler.. (from f-8 swap)
3.. Christmas sampler.. (from f-8 swap)
4.. Pineapple quilt
5.. Swoon quilt
6.. various table runners, table toppers, and tree skirts.. finishing..

and the # for july is... 5... so looks like i need to get busy on my hearts and holly cross stitch and.. my Swoon quilt..

i've also decided i need to work on my health more..  lose some weight and DO some exercise.. i hate to exercise and avoid it at all costs.. but since i am a type 2 diabetic.. i really need to do some... that being said.. this week..  i have FINALLY started doing some... it's only walking but.. at least i'm moving!!!.. i went for a nice walk this morning... did 3 miles... and in this humidity... that was great for me!!... i'm trying to do the 10,000 steps a day thing... i have yet to make it to 10,000... but today will be a good day...  as i've over 7000 in for today and it's only 12:30... yay me!!

anyway.. i'll try to get some pics of my beginning of the month ufo projects .. and get them posted soon.. and... i'll really try to keep up with this thing a bit better...

hugs to you all and happy stitching..


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