Monday, January 25, 2010

cross stitch

i've been doing a lot of cross stitching... so i'll show a few that i've recently finished and some in progress..

this Merry Christmas picture was so so much fun to do.. it's bright and colourful .. the pattern and it's picture do not do it justice... it's just yummy all stitched up.. and i can't wait to see how cathie frames it up... this picture will be entered in the osceola county fair next month..

i've also found that i love quaker inspired pictures... this croaksworth was quick and easy to do.. i'm going to do quacksworth as a complimenting piece..

i'm currently working on Murky Manor .. by Glendon Place.. i love her patterns.. i also have Pretty pumpkins by her in progress too.. and plans to start Sleepy Hollow in the fall.. i'm doing Murky Manor as a stitch-a-long with my friend Patti in Kentucky.. this is the 3rd or 4th thing we've stitched together.. we've also done.. Monster March (also a glendon place pattern)... Rosy Radient star (linda myers pattern) and.. Deck the halls.. (just nan pattern).. altho.. my deck the halls isn't quite finished.. it will be soon tho...

i have 2 more that i'll be starting soon.. both will be very large pieces.. one will be.. Ink Circles.. Cirque des Carrreaux... and the other will be.. by gone stitches.. a quaker Christmas.. but trust me... the colours and fabrics i've picked... look nothing like the pictures... i just LOVE to shake things up a bit.. now i just have to wait for the fabrics and threads i've ordered to come in..
will (again).. try to do better about posting..


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