Wednesday, April 28, 2010

gawd.. has it been a week already??

where the heck has the week gone??..  it just seemed to fly by.. and.. i honestly don't have much to show for it .. lol..  in fact.. what little progress i did do on my cross stitch is hardly noticeable so i'm not even gonna post pics of them.. hopefully next week they'll look like i did something..

quilting... i did work on my paper-pieced challenge..  those 24 little blocks are sure taking a lot longer to do than i had hoped but... i should be finishing those up today and  with some luck.. i'll get them on the quilt this weekend..  then.. onto round 4.. which is 2 colours..  i think i know what colours i want.. but i need to find a block for them..

the weather here in Orlando.. is getting so beautiful.. and by this weekend we are expected to get our first 90+ day of the year...   so.. looks like the pool may be warm enough to go in very soon.. :)   i admit to being a complete wuss when it comes to that.. if the water temp isn't at least 80... it ain't happening.. lol..

well best i get back to work if i plan on getting anything done today..


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