Wednesday, April 21, 2010

busy... busy... busy..

wow... seems like all i've been doing is running lately... so.. again no progress on the quilting front... hopefully things will settle down soon so i can actually get something done!..

i did get some work done on my mermaid...  i really really like this... they are beautiful.. and are coming along quite quickly..  i can't wait to get some beads on her and some of the kreiniks to get some glitter on her..  i'm hoping tomorrow to get to the cross stitch store to get the beads... 

i also did a little... note very little on the cirque des carreaux..  the colours in that one i love they remind me on an old fashioned tapestry..  very vibrant jewel tones..  gorgeous..

it's spring and i saw my first sand-crane babies of the year.. aren't they adorable!!..

well.. i think i'll try to head up to the sewing room and try to work a little on my Paper-pieced challenge quilt..  i'm so far behind on it.. :(

till next week..



  1. Mermaids are looking good. The way you're going at it, you'll be working on your 2nd mermaid before we are even half way done with the first. lol

    The baby cranes are adorable. Where is that picture taken? Near your house?

  2. patti... yes the cranes were walking thru the neighborhood... that was on a neighbors lawn.. they are soo cute.. little fuzz balls on sticks.. lol..