Tuesday, April 13, 2010

teaparty fun..


well last nite at the guild we had a teaparty and did some redwork..  and.. it was a success!!.. yahoo!!... everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.. and some of them learned something new..  attendence is holding steady and we are getting some new members..  of course the next few months.. less people will be coming as quite a few of our ladies are snowbirds.. and they'll be flying north for the summer..

now for some progress... as i was one of the ladies in charge of the refreshments for the teaparty and i had to make the tracings for the redwork... i didn't get as much of my own stuff worked on as i would haveliked... but.. i did work some on my mermaid...

and on the cirque des carreaux.....

 and i made a very very easy table runner...  which i'll be teaching at our guild's May workshop..

and i finally took a picture of the snowman wallhanging that i did the machine blanketstitch applique on .. he's kinda cute...  and was kinda fun to do... and new to me..  this is first time that i've done that with my machine..


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