Wednesday, May 19, 2010

i've been busy.. FINALLY!.. lol

wow... this month is just flying by..  i was doing so good with keeping up with this blog.. and i look and .. wtf..  the month is more than half over..  but.. i have been working..  i've done quite a bit on my mermaid.. and on the cirque des carreaux...   and... believe it or not... i've actually been sewing too!!... i know.. it shocked me too.. lol..

i've start working on some of the charity quilts for the guild..  at least got the tops together.. and i went to joannes and got some fabric to put the first borders on them...  i'm hoping to get those done in the next couple of weeks..

i also did another easy striped table runner top.. since i wanted to practice a bit before i taught a class on them for the guild for the may workshop... the girls did great!!.. and their runner were beautiful..  they each did one.. and i hope they bring them to the next guild meeting to show them off..

then... i got bored with the usual i took a charm pack i picked up.. cherish nature.. and make a table topper with that... that is one beautiful fabric line..

and... i finally started on a 4 patch posie quilt... i've been dying to try one for the last year or so.. so.. i finally cut one of the pretty asian fabrics i had... (i probably have enough to make at least 6 more of these.. lol)..

not gonna get much done this next week.. my dear sister flies in tomorrow for a lonnng weekend.. she'll be here till tuesday.. and we have a family birthday party on sunday.. so we'll be busy..

till next time..


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