Monday, May 3, 2010

May???.. where did april go??

wow... it's may already.. wish i knew where the first 4 months of the year went.. this year seems to be whoooshing right by!!..

i didn't quite finish the round 3 on my pp challenge quilt .. i got all the blocks for the sides done.. (24 blocks) but.. not the corners yet.. i would like to say i'll get those done this week.. but.. i'm not sure i will.. i need to do a bunch of stuff for the guild before the meeting next monday and.. with mother's day this weekend.. i won't have time to do it then..

i worked a little on my mermaid picture.. but.. i've been told i have to slow down on that one since i'm so far ahead of the other girls in the group.. so.. basically worked on the hair on one of them.. and i put some sparkle on her... there's a real pretty blue kreinik going thru her hair..

and i did a lot on the cirque des carreaux..

and when i went for my walk this morning i discovered another pair of sand cranes have had babies... these little ones are much younger than the last ones i took pictures of... they are still all tiny and fuzzy...


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