Monday, May 31, 2010

wow... this month went fast!


can't believe this is the last day of may... tomorrow is the first day of hurricane season... i'm so hoping the weather people are wrong as they are precicting a very active hurricane season this year...

i did manage to get a few projects done..  i finished my best friends birthday pressie... (very late.. but i finished it..)...

and i also made her a Miranda bag... this was the first one i've made... and it wasn't as hard as i thought it would be... i will be making more... it's a nice big bag with lots of inside pockets.. 

i also got the backing and quilting done on the cherish nature table topper i made...

and.. started to put the border/frames around the posie blocks..  i'm still not sure of the setting i want to use with them.. but i do like them framed.. 

i did the little redwork heart for the guild.. as they voted to have them all turned in and raffled off as a presidents gift.. 

i started some of the beading on my mermaid..  she's so pretty... i didn't get as much done on her as i would have liked this week..  so.. i'll work harder on her next week..

time to cross stitch.. talk later..



  1. Yes, you have been busy. What fabric are you using for your mermaids, please?

  2. hi felicity...

    thank you for your comment... i'm using crossed wings collection.. deep blue sea.. it's beautiful!!.. i have a friend whose doing her mermaid on woodlawn and that one is gorgeous as well..


  3. Thank you Sheryl!!!!!!!! Love all the work you've done on yours.