Monday, September 26, 2011

long time no see..


wow.. it's been a very hectic summer.. and it went by extremely fast..  it doesn't seem possible i've not blogged in such a long time..

i have been busy doing things tho.. and this post will be about the cross stitch i've been doing and the next will be about the quilts...

i've been working hard on my mermaid picture... it's basically done except for some beading.. and a little backstitching around the mermaid to the right..   and once again blogger has tipped the picture... how annoying!

and done lots on cirque des carreaux..  i actually surprized myself when i took it off the frame as to how much i've done on it... it's looking good..  and again it's tipped... grrrrr..

i've done a bit on pretty pumpkins..  i love the picture... but it's a shame that i don't like orange.. lol.. it makes it hard to work on it..  it'll get done ... eventually.. but i would imagine it'll be a long time... lol..

and... i finally finished off the christmas flip it and the halloween flipit (and again it's tipped.. ugh)..  i just had a small bit to do on each of them and have been putting it off for ages.. but they are done now and ready for framing..

the bad thing about finishing things off is... it makes me want to start something new... lol...  and i'm trying to decide on which new one i want to start... eggs alla round... or.. come sit a spell.. both are glendon place patterns..  but... i suppose i should TRY to wait till i've at least finished the mermaids...

blogger is being tempermental today... tipping pictures and won't even let me put the pic of pretty pumpkins in...  oh well.. i'll try that again later..

i'll post about the quilting i've done very soon..


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