Wednesday, February 29, 2012

it's new day...


well i've been terrible at keeping up with this thing... i want to do it.. but.. something lately has been getting in my way..  the holidays.. company.. traveling to visit sick relatives... but.. this is it... i NEED to do this for my own sanity... i can't keep up with anything anymore... my motivation for doing anything has fallen to just about nothing... and when i do keep up with this thing it's therapeutic...  lets me see that i haven't been totally lazy... so... tomorrow... i will go around and get my pics taken of the few things that have done or are currently working on... get them off the camera and on the computer...  get them all uploaded and reduced this weekend... and next week i will have a new blog post with pics..

it's that i haven't done anything.. i have.. i did quite a few table-toppers for Christmas gifts last year...  and i'm currently working on a quilt for my nieces grad gift in June... and the scrappy Asian road quilt for me!...  and for cross stitch couple new things... 6 fat men is in the works.. (actually i'm doing the last box)... and i'm working on a picture that a bunch of us started on a stitching retreat... and some red work too..

anyway... i'll have those pics for next weeks posting...

till next time... :D

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