Tuesday, March 6, 2012

and we're off..


well i had a very productive week... i finished my niece's quilt for her graduation.. so i can get that into my quilter next week... it's called sparkling gemstones in .. the jelly roll book... and... fuzzy logic in the strip therapy book..

and i finished the scrappy asian road quilt... i love it... i'm gonna do another one with some of my Christmas FQ stash..

some of the other things i've done over the last few months...

the jelly roll race quilt...

the DP9 quilt...

the garden trellis quilt.. (also a jelly roll quilt)..

for whatever reason blogger has decided to put then sideways...  they are correct in my pictures..  sorry about that...

i still have more things to show ... but i'll do them in another post..

until then... Happy stitching!!..


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