Thursday, March 7, 2013

the trouble with cars... :\


well.. this is just NOT my week with cars... have to bring the focus in for the sync update last thursday.. and.. for some reason... it just deleted my nav.. so.. made appt to bring it back in today for them to.. "reinstall" it..  of course in the meantime... i took the car down to Vero to get my hair done and.. took mom and the aunt to Walmart.. and somehow picked up a nail in the tire.. lucky for me.. my brother was there and he changed the tire for me.. and i didn't get stuck on 192 in the dark with a flat..  there is absolutely nothing on 192... just miles and miles and miles of fields and swamp...  so.. thought what the heck i'm going to get the sync fixed today... i'll just have them plug the tire and put it back on... ha ha ha..  well... no can do... i have to have a new tire.. and they won't have one in... till tomorrow... and.. they can't fix my sync-nav issue.. because now.. i have no nav for them to update... *sigh*...  hopefully by tomorrow they will have heard from Ford to figure out how to fix my nav and sync problem...   and.. THEN...  to top it all off... den got in the Corvette this morning... and.. it won't start.. he was able to get in and he had power.. just wouldn't turn over... so.. i tried it when i got home from the ford dealer.. and now there is nothing.. i can't even get in the car.. so now... i have to have it towed to the Chev dealer for them to work on the corvette...  it just hasn't been my week for cars..

however... i did have a great time visiting with my family on tuesday.. (minus the tire incident).. mom made some fantastic Sauerbraten and fried noodles... it was lucious!!.. and wednesday i made some good progress on my "Tropical Skies" quilt... and Beth got a bunch done on her quilt for Lynne too.. and it was fun... my goal for next wednesday is to get all the blocks finished and start the assembly...

until next time...

happy stitching and quilting..


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