Monday, March 4, 2013

is it gonna fit???..

hello ladies..

i'm beginning to think that i'm not destined to do the Santa's Village SAL (stitch a long).. with the girls.. :(  .. i got my new piece of fabric the other day.. (the first piece of fabric i had was gonna be to small to do the entire (12) houses on it.. )...   and i love it.. it's a bit of a darker shade of "vanilla latte".. looks more like "mocha" latte.. :) ...  and i did quite a bit on the first Santa house over the weekend.. .. well .. this morning for some reason i pulled the other one out and as i'm looking at it.. the house seemed smaller... yep.. you guessed it... my new piece of fabric.. is 28ct... not 32ct.. so i'm back to wondering if i'm gonna get all 12 houses on it... i'll have to take it off the hoop and measure it .. *sigh*...  i'm hoping it will fit and that Cathy just..  might have to do some creative stretching to get it framed..

quilt group last wed was very productive for me... i got all the 4 patches done on the "Tropical Skies" quilt.. it's called sunny skies in the magazine.. but since i'm using bright tropical coloured batiks.. mine is tropical skies.. :)  ..  so yesterday i got a chance to sew a bit... and got all the 16 patch and 8 patch blocks sewn together and started on the V blocks..  i think... MAYBE.. with a little luck and couple of days of not running around... i might get this quilt top done in a couple more weeks..  i would love to have it done for the March 11 guild meeting... but that might be pushing it..  as this is another busy week for me.. today .. is Stitch group at Needle Craft World... tomorrow.. haircut in Vero and dinner with mom and the aunt.. wed.. quilt group here and thursday.. i have to bring the car in .. AGAIN.. for them to fix the update on the MYSYNC.. somehow when they did it last week.. the entire Nav was just .. gone..  i did get a bit of redwork (actually it's Swampwater work.. lol.. as that's the colour i'm using on my Halloween picture).. done last week tho... while they were working on it.. so i guess i will again this week.. lol..

well... i best get my 2nd cuppa and get my day going..

until next time..


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  1. Hey Shey! I am black cauldron - shoot me an email about the fabric for the santas village... I have never ordered any 28 ct. Did you get this from Sheryl? she wanted something darker than the usual vanilla latte and I did two darker pieces for her. I have a yard of vanilla latte here (better go check the count) if you want it, let me know - or