Sunday, March 17, 2013

happy st. paddy's day..

hello ladies..

and happy st paddy's day to you all..

let's see... what's been going on around here for the last week... it's been another busy one!!... hmmm... monday was the guild meeting.. and our Spring Fling event.. everyone brought a dish to pass... yum!!.. lots and lots of yummy food to eat.. gorgeous quilts to look at and a pretty good business meeting too..  tues i just did stuff around here.. wed.. quilting group.. and i got all the blocks done for my "tropical skies" quilt..  next is squaring the blocks and assembly... yay!!.. maureen and beth were here for that.. and maureen did some knitting on a cute little baby sweater that will be a shop model in cathy's store.. and beth attempted to work on her quilt for lynne... her machine was jamming up on her every few block tho.. so she didn't get as much done as she would have liked..  thurs i brought the corvette into the dealer to finish the repairs from last week and then did errands... and went to the quilt store.. i had to get some co-ordinating fabrics for a class that i took on sat.. which of course i couldn't find and ended up getting all new fabric for the class.. lol.. i love it tho... christmas pears.. with co-ordinating red, green and white/gold..  i think it'll be pretty..  friday i took the focus in to FINALLY get the MYSYNC nav fixed..  and then went to Melbourne to visit my sister and get my BOM blocks from the quilt store there... we had a great time browsing an antique store.. then went to lunch at a cute little place right on the ocean... gorgeous views!!.. yesterday was class.. and it was lots of fun... i love the stack and whack blocks.. it's soo cool to see all the different blocks that come from one fabric... everyone's blocks were amazing and i can't wait to see the finished quilts!..  i got quite a few of my blocks done.. and today i hope to finish up the blocks and move to the sashings... i really would like to have it finished before the next guild meeting..

so that's the plan for today... to work on the Attic Window with a Twist blocks and maybe start the squaring up of the tropical skies quilt blocks too.. and cleaning up in the studio.. :)

until next time..

happy stitching..


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