Monday, February 11, 2013

its Quilt Guild day!!


tonight is our monthly meeting for the Patcher's of Time Quilt Guild.. so i've been busy trying to get everything ready for the meeting..  it should be a great meeting tonight as we have Timm from Sew Mini Things in Mt. Dora.. coming to speak to us tonight about machine needles and.. he's gonna bring some new stuff for us to see that has just come into the shop..

on the sewing studio organization front.. things are going ... okay.. not great.. lol.. it is soooo darn boring cleaning and organizing... and I WANT TO SEW!!... but.. i can't... YET!..  but.. the good news is that while cleaning..  i found the disc for my camera... so.. i should be able to put pictures on this thing again... yay!!..  i'll test it out later..  i went to the dollar store friday to buy some shoe box size plastic containers and darn if they weren't totally out of them.. so i'll have to go to another dollar store and check there.. sure makes it hard to cut and sort without the proper container.. :|

been doing a lot on my cross stitch.. making great progress on the Flowers of Rosehall picture.. it's sooo gorgeous..  and getting ready to start the krienik/floss parts on the gingerbread house shop model..  and.. doing quite a bit of the stitching on the Halloween "red"work picture i'm doing..  and i've even had a little time to read a book... (i make it a rule to read at least 12 books a year.. usually i go way over... last year i think i read at least 36 books!!)..  it's been so gorgeous here in central florida lately... that i've been sitting out by the pool and reading for a bit in the afternoon...  looks like the weather is supposed to get much cooler and it might even rain later in the week.. which would be good... we need the rain!!...

i took 2 UFO's off the quilt list recently... yay!!.. finally got the borders on the blue charm quilt i started last fall... and.. on the poinsettia irish chain quilt that has been laying around here since probably 2006.. lol..  and got the fabric i need to get the borders on the 9 patch pizzaz quilt that i believe has been just sitting there patiently waiting for it's borders since i think 2008 ..  of course they are now added to the.. pile of... "need to be quilted quilt tops"... but at least they are quilt tops!!.. lol

i'll come back later in the week and try to post the pictures of the completed quilt tops and the cross stitch i'm working on..

until next time..

happy stitching..


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