Monday, February 4, 2013

Where does the time go???


wow.. it's been nearly a year since i've posted on this thing.. hard to believe!..  but.. here i go again trying to keep up with it..  2012 just plain sucked for me.. and i'm glad it's done and over with.. it started off pretty good..  and the spring wasn't bad.. and in the summer my sister moved down here to florida.. and that was fantastic.. but after that..  it was just all bad... my BGFF got sick in september and we lost her in october.. and omg .. has that been tough to handle.. i miss her soooo much!!...   then my brother in law passed in november... and dec wasn't much better as the entire family got sick for the holidays..   so i was happy to see 2013 arrive with all it's hopes and promises of better things..

creatively i wasn't much better..  i did get those few things done early in the year.. and i managed to get quilts made for both my niece Paige for her graduation and one for my nephew Jeremy.. (i owed him one for his graduation a few years ago)...  but after that.. nothing!.. i didn't even make a single thing for Christmas gifts last year.. (totally unheard of for me!)..

so far this year... i'm doing ok.. i've been doing a lot of cross stitching.. and got involved with a bunch of my buddies from Needlecraft World and my good friend Patti D..  in doing a stitch (SAL) along for the year... due... 11-12-13.. we're doing.. the Santa's Village series from Country Cottage Needleworks..  and i'm going to be doing it on the most delicious linen dyed by susan of .. Black Cauldron Dyeworks.. called.. vanilla latte..  i'm a bit behind on it cause the first piece of linen i started on was a bit bit too small for the entire series.. so i've decided to just due 9 of them on that piece of linen.. and do the entire series on another piece when she gets it done.. i'm also working on a shop model for cathy.. called.. gingerbread houses on some peppermint stripe linen fabric... and.. working on my flowers of Rosehall that i started in the fall.. (eventually i'm going to cycle in some of my other ufo cross stitch pictures and attempt to get them done..).. i've also working on a few redwork pictures... i'm doing the "walking in a winter wonderland" quilt..  and i'm doing a Halloween picture..

and a good friend of my daughter is having a baby in April... so.. i'm also crocheting a baby crib/carriage blanket for her..

this is going to be a ufo year for me.. both in cross stitching and quilting..  that being said... i did finish a charm quilt that i started last fall and put the borders on 2 ufo's that that have been laying around here for a few years.. it's also a stash busting year... i have soooooo much stuff that i need to just use what i have... so i've packed up a bunch of kits that have everything i need to make the quilt all together and.. i'm cleaning and organizing my studios...  i never dreamed of the mess that would ensue from trying to get all my stash and scraps organized!!... O..M..G.. ... it looks like a tornado has ripped thru my studio!!..  and it looks like it's going to be a mess in there for quite some time...  but i know in the end it will be sooo much better and easier for me.. once i have the stash organized by colour and the scraps organized by size..  then i'll be doing many many scrap quilts.. :)

i was re-elected to be Program Director for my quilt guild last fall.. so coming up with programs and things to do for the meetings is keeping me busy as well..

i'm having some trouble getting my camera and my computer to work together.. so getting pictures on here is an issue for me lately... but i'll try to get that figured out so you can "see" what i'm working on..

until next time..

happy stitching...


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