Tuesday, February 26, 2013

what a wonderful busy weekend..

hello ladies..

well i didn't get much sewing or stitching done .. but i've had a busy week or so...  seems like i've been on the run every day..

i'm  trying something new... i've asked a couple of ladies to join me on wednesday mornings to sew and quilt..  so far it's just Beth.. but.. we have a few more that are interested... for now.. we are doing this at my house.. but.. with a couple more people.. we'll probably try to move to the community center..  so.. last wed was our first wednesday.. and we did pretty good... i got most of the cutting done on a new jelly roll quilt.. and Beth finally got started on cutting out a quilt that she's making for a dear friend.. she's had the fabric for a couple of years.. so to see her actually get started on it.. was great!!.. tomorrow i hope to get the rest of the cutting done and maybe even start sewing!..  i'm anxious to get started on it...  as for the cleaning/organizing of the sewing studios.. well.. i really haven't done that much.. with all the running around i've been doing.. lol.. i do hope to have a couple of solid days to work up there soon..

thursday.. my sister's dear friend Diana flew in... and we spent the day just talking and catching up... Friday i went over to Melbourne and spent the day with them.. touring all the antique shops and specialty shops in downtown Melbourne.. omg.. what a lot to go thru and we saw lots of really cute stuff... Saturday was.. Party in the Cloud.. at my house.. what a blast..  lots of great company.. good food and drink.. Patti and Diana spent the night and early Sunday morning we went to watch the end of the Princess half marathon at Disney.. (Diana's daughter Sarah was running in the race)... then spent a few hours at Downtown Disney with a great lunch at Rainforest Cafe...  monday...i went to stitch group at Cathy's... (Needlecraft World).. but.. i didn't stitch.. lol...  i gave her a special quilt block i had made her to memorialize her trip to Vegas.. she loved it... i'll try to get the pic posted of it.. it came out really cute..  today.. Patti and Diana are coming over for a bit.. and we'll take Diana to lunch.. then to the airport.. :(  

so i best get another cuppa and then get my day started... i have a lot to do today.. before they get here..

until next time..


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