Sunday, February 28, 2010

quaker christmas started.. updated pretty pumpkins

well this last week i've been working a lot on cross stitching... i've started a quaker christmas... and omg... i love working with the silks threads... they just glide thru the fabric..  i'm using moonglow.. and on the med/dk blue fabric... they look like snowflakes.. i think i'm gonna really jazz it up and use a ton of beads on it to really make those snowflakes shine... i have a bunch of beads left from the Deck the Halls cross stitch and patti did too and said i could have hers..  so with both of those and some pearl beads i have i think it'll be good.. i think i'll also mention it to cathy to ask some of the other ladies that did deck the halls if they have any left they don't want..

and i started working on pretty pumpkins again.. and i've done pretty good on it...

i'm dying to start on the mermaids.. lol.. but.. i think it'll probably be after the cruise before cathy will get me in the fabric i want...  ohh.. and we've set up a new blog for that... none of the other ladies could get back into the 5 ladies a quilting blog... so the new blog is...  Twisted Stitchers.. lmfao... i love it!..  if you check in there... you'll see all the pretty Mermaids we're gonna be doing..

on the quilting front.. i actually went up and did some sewing this weekend!!.. i know.. it shocked me too.. lol..  i finally got the papers off the LB christmas challenge quilt... and i've put a border around it.. and i'm now working on the braided border for it.. i've got 2 sides done.. i'm hoping to get the other 2 sides on it this week and .. if i can find one i like.. a black and gold final border..

i think i'm gonna go to the cross stitch store this week... and if i got any ribbons for my cross stich i entered in the Osceola fair... i'll be back to post about it..


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  1. Thanks for posting on my blog. This took me most of the afternoon to make, but I am happy I tried it. Here is the link to the tutorial!

    (I hope this works)