Tuesday, February 23, 2010

patti's murky manor is done too!!

my friend patti.. who was doing the Murky Manor stitch-a-long with me.. has finished her picture too.. again.. she is missing one of the skulls too.. i wanted to show a picture of her finished piece... she used a very dark fabric and i love how the colours seem to just pop on hers..  it's beautiful!!..  so.. that's another finished piece for us..  we've decided not to do the Sleepy Hollow picture for a bit.. we are Halloweened out .. lol.. so we're gonna wait on that... however.. we did decide to do a Mirabilia Mermaid stitch-a-long with Nicki and Elaine..  only with this stitch-a-long.. we are all doing different Mermaids..  we'll post the progress on those in the 5 ladies a quilting blog... and of course i'll do my progress on here as well..  i've decided to do Mirabilias.. Mermaids of the deep blue... and i think i'm gonna do it on crossedwings collection hand painted linen in .. deep sea..  so look for that one to be started soon..  well... as soon as i can get the fabric.. lol..


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