Monday, February 22, 2010

Murky manor is done!!

wooo hooo... i finished my Murky manor cross stitch picture over the weekend... well.. just about.. for some reason.. the JABCO bead pack for it... only came with 5 skulls instead of 6.. and i didn't notice it till i went to sew them on... so.. cathy is going to get me the last skull... then all i need to do is put my name on it.. and the year..  feels good to have a finished project.. :)... next and last (for a while) Halloween pic will be Sleepy Hollow and i'll start that one on March 1..

not that it lasted long.. lol.. cathy called me on saturday to tell me the silk threads i ordered for the Quaker Christmas came in... she knew damn well.. i couldn't reist going out there on saturday to pick them up... so.. i've started that one...  theres really not enough done to even show you all yet.. so .. will get a pic up for you in the next couple of days.. ...  and the threads for the ink circles one.. came in too.. but.. i'm waiting on the fabric for that one.. so .. will be starting that soon too..

as for quilting projects... well.. i've been immersed with cross stitching lately.. lol.. so didn't get too far... i am still taking all the papers out of the Laurel Burch Christmas challenge quilt... omg.. i forgot how many pieces were in those stars... lmao..

my cruise is coming up soon... i soooo can't wait!!...  one of these days i really need to clean up the guest room for my sister... and.. start getting some clothes ready .. we are going to have a blast!!...


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