Tuesday, February 9, 2010

no picture updates this week..

well.. as much as i would love to show you all the progress on my Murky Manor cross stitch and the quilt i'm working on for my nephew.. i can't... my poor little laptop caught a virus and is at the doctors for some work.. and this pc.. for some reason... just will not let me download my pictures from my camera... so.. you'll have to wait till next week.. i didn't really do a whole lot anyway.. i spent a few days over the weekend with my mom.. and went with the Stepping Stones guild to Rainbows End in Dunedin... OMG!!!.. what an amazing store.. room after room of gorgeous fabrics.. i had a very very hard time controlling myself in there.. lol.. but i did make some good purchases.. and i plan on going back!!.. it's not that long a trip.. only a few hours.. it was fun with the guild tho.. everyone.. taking bolts of fabric from the others.. those ladies are going to have some wonderful quilts... i can't wait to see what they all come up with..

last nite was my other guild's meeting.. Patchers of Time.. i somehow managed to get myself elected to be the Program chair : i'm still not sure how that happened.. lol.. we have a whole new slate of officers this year and we're gonna try to get the guild so it's doing more.. and more active... so far .. it's going good.. they seem to be interested in some of the new programs we're adapting.. and we should be able to make quite a few quilts for charity this year.. we're having an auction next month... and have decided to donate the money we get from that to charity as well this year.. from what i understand... they do quite well at this auction.. but.. i won't be there for that meeting.. that is when my sister comes down for a visit and we and mom.. are going on a wonderful cruise to the Eastern Carribbean.... omg.. i can't wait.. 7 days of sunshine and laughter.. :D

well.. i'll post again next week.. hopefully by then my laptop will be back from the doctors..


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